Utility Catalog Page 24 Disaster Recovery

DISASTER RECOVERY 24 The Water Restoration Procedure developed by CRC has saved millions of dollars by restoring flooded electrical equipment. This guide has allowed telecommunications, power and other basic services to be restored quickly and inexpensively using CRC Products. It is suggested this procedure be applied as the floodwaters recede, or as equipment is removed from flooded areas to insure fast and safe turnaround and repair. By using CRC lubricants, degreasers and precision cleaners, any piece of electrical equipment can be brought back to life without massive re-work or waiting for replacement parts. This includes generators, motors, pumps, switchgear, telecommunications switching stations, power substations, panels, and cable connections to name a few. o e te t te bas ba bas inexp ex ine i xp suggest ugges su st gg g floodwaters oo er wa odw waters flo from flooded are ded fl od rom ar d re f oo m Plan Ahead for Recovery with CRC Products y p y p back to l ck ba o t ac l repla ep p pla re mo mo s

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