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POWER GENERATION 19 Customer Care: (800) 272-4620 Technical Assistance: (800) 521-3168 More product information a click away at www.crcindustries.com CORROSION INHIBITORS SP-350 Corrosion Inhibitor Provides protection for metal parts and assemblies that are stored indoors or in shipment. SP-350 promotes easy start-up of stored equipment. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 03262 16 oz aerosol 12 03266 5 gallon pail 1 03268 55 gallon drum 1 SP-400 Corrosion Inhibitor Long-term indoor/outdoor corrosion inhibitor for machined surfaces and assemblies subjected to long periods of storage or adverse shipping conditions. Provides protection of all equipment subject to heat, humidity, chemicals or severely corrosive atmospheres. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 03282* 16 oz aerosol 12 03286 5 gallon pail 1 03288 55 gallon drum 1 BATTERY TERMINAL PROTECTOR Apply to battery terminals to provide a soft, dry, lead-free protective coating that keeps moisture, salts and road grime from corroding metal contacts. Enhances battery life and power by preventing corrosion-related leakage. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 03175* 12 oz aerosol 12 STEEL RE-NU Stainless Steel Coating Quick-drying, 100% #316L stainless steel coating provides corrosion resistance and protection against weather, sunlight, oil and water, in a variety of environments including marine, utility, chemical processing, food manufacturing and general maintenance repair. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 18211* 16 oz aerosol 6 ZINC-IT Instant Cold Galvanize High-performance coating of >93% pure zinc that electrochemically bonds with ferrous metals to form a galvanic cell. Zinc-It is an excellent touch-up for damaged galvanized coatings. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 18412* 16 oz aerosol 12 18413 1 1 gallon can 1 BRIGHT ZINC-IT Instant Cold Galvanize Epoxy-ester based, light duty sacrificial zinc coating that inhibits corrosion and provides the beauty of a high shine bright metallic finish. Recommended for touch-up and repair of bright finish, hot-dip galvanized surfaces. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 18414* 16 oz aerosol 12 SEAL COAT Urethane Coating Urethane Seal Coat provides a conformal polyurethane coating that insulates electrical equipment and seals out water and moisture. Clear allows for visualization of equipment; Red provides striking contrast. Clear formulation is an excellent insulator of PC boards, since it allows visualization of circuit paths. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 18410* Red 16 oz aerosol 12 18411* Clear 16 oz aerosol 12 - 360 spray valve can be sprayed in the UP or DOWN position. *This product is labeled extremely flammable. Read and observe the special usage warning on the label. Do not apply while equipment is energized. 1 - Item restricted from sale in some states. See product page on CRC website for specific restrictions.

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