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POWER GENERATION 17 Customer Care: (800) 272-4620 Technical Assistance: (800) 521-3168 More product information a click away at www.crcindustries.com GREASES LECTRA LUBE ELECTRIC MOTOR GREASE Lectra Lube is a premium long-life grease with excellent thermal stability. This grease has excellent water resistance and will not washout. It maintains its consistency under severe working conditions and resists oxidation. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case SL3586 14 oz cartridge 10 PERMATHERM High Temp Synthetic Grease High performance, synthetic NLGI-1.5 grease. Contains rust and oxidation inhibitors to increase service life and protect against corrosion. Withstands constant operating temperature up to 400F and intermittent temperatures of 500F- 600F. Beyond 600F, base fluid slowly evaporates with no carbon residue. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case SL3580 14 oz cartridge 10 SL3585 35 lb pail 1 SUPER WHITE Multi-Purpose Grease Meets late-model high-tech specifications. NLGI-2 lithium base. Wide temperature range of 0F to 300F. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case SL3150 14 oz cartridge 10 SL3151 14 oz can 12 SL3155 35 lb pail 1 SL3360 10 oz tube 6 SL3361 1.75 oz squeeze tube 24 HEAVY DUTY DRUM BRAKE Wheel Bearing Grease For drum brakes and slow speed bearings. NLGI-2.5 sodium base. Ideal for use where heavy loads and slow speeds are prevalent. Drop point: 360F. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case SL3131 14 oz can 12 SL3136 7 lb pail 4 CUTTING OILS TRUETAP HD Cutting Fluid Designed as a heavy duty cutting fluid for use in severe applications, TrueTap HD is a thick fluid that clings to the cutting tool throughout the operation. Contains no 1,1,1-Trichloroethane. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 03400 2 16 oz bottle 12 03403 2 55 gallon drum 1 TRUETAP FOAMY Cutting Fluid Excellent extreme duty cutting fluid developed for ease of application. Works well on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and can be applied before or during cutting operation. Foaming action penetrates deep into the cut to extend cutting tool life and promote a superior finish. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 03410 2 16 oz aerosol 12 TRUETAP AQUA Cutting Fluid A suitable replacement for solvent or oil-based cutting fluids. TrueTap Aqua is a water-soluble cutting fluid that exhibits excellent cooling and lubrication properties. Works exceptionally well in machine tools containing water-soluble coolants. Emulsifies with the coolant without causing contamination. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 03440 2 16 oz bottle 12 03442 2 5 gallon pail 1 2 - Item restricted from sale in SCAQMD

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