Tank Power Renew For Diesel Page 2 1-TANK Power Renew for Diesel

Chemical Solutions to Keep You Moving. CRC 1-TANK POWER RENEW attacks and removes carbon deposits from all areas of the fuel system after just one dose proven by exceeding the industry standard XUD-9 and new CEC DW10 engine tests. Intensive 1-TANK POWER RENEW Restores fuel system to LIKE-NEW in just ONE TANK! cleaner available. and boots power. starts, faster acceleration and better airflow. of sticky injectors frequently found in modern common rail (CRDI) systems. conventional products, 1-TANK POWER RENEW cleans INTERNAL deposits (IDID) from todays complex diesel injectors. up to B20. TECHNOLOGY for cleaner emissions! DW10 TEST - TOTAL POWER RESTORATION TEST CYCLE 4 2 -2 -4 -6 -8 0 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 TOTAL power restoration in ONE DW10 test cycle! Base fuel power loss after 30 test cycles After 16 cycles of everyday fuel additives After 1 cycle of CRC 1-TANK POWER RENEW PEUGEOT XUD-9 TEST - INJECTOR FLOW RESTORATION 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 After Dirty Up After CRC 1-TANK POWER RENEW Injector 1 Injector 2 Injector 3 Injector 4 AVERAGE Average 99% injector flow after ONE cycle of CRC 1-TANK POWER RENEW! POWER THAT LASTS! Clean up lasts months! You won't need any other fuel additive again! 15 fl. oz. Treats up to 30 gallons 32 fl. oz. Treats up to 125 gallons Part No. Package Type Net Wt. Units/Case Unit Dimensions Case Dimensions 05816 Bottle 15 fl. oz. 6 8.75 H x 3.69 W X 3.5 D 9.25 H x 7.75 W X 11 D 05832 Bottle 32 fl. oz. 12 9.5 H x 4.5 W X 2.6 D 16.3 H x 9.4 W X 9.0 D

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