Tank Power Renew For Diesel 32oz Page 1 1-TANK Power Renew for Diesel 32oz

Treat your engine to 1-TANK Power Renew and get back the power, performance and MPG youve been missing! CRC Diesel 1-TANK POWER RENEW is a concentrated one-tank cleanup that delivers a powerful SHOCK to your dirty fuel system. Made with the maximum available chemistry its the most powerful diesel fuel system cleaner on the market! Carbon deposits can build up and harden on intake valves, piston heads, cylinder walls and injectors leading to decreased MPG, hesitation, stalling, loss of power and excess exhaust emissions. 1-TANK POWER RENEW features G2P technology for aggressive deposit and emissions cleanup. This breakthrough formula provides MAXIMUM deposit removal and power restoration in just one tank of fuel proven by exceeding the industry standard XUD-9 and new CEC DW10 engine tests. Product Benefits Unparalleled one-tank cleanup frequently found in modern common rail systems 1-TANK Power Renew COMPLETE DIESEL SYSTEM CLEANUP IN ONE TANK Part No. Package Type Net Wt Units/Case Unit Dimensions Case Dimensions 05832 bottle 32 fl. oz. 12 9.5 H x 4.5 W x 2.6 D 16.3H x 9.4 W x 9.0 D HD0711PSS-4M 2011 CRC Industries, Inc. 3X More Potent than Leading Brands! Power that LASTS Cleanup lasts months - no need for everyday fuel additives!