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More great products for your vehicle Look for our full line of K&W products for repair and maintenance of your vehicle's cooling system, engine, transmission and power steering system. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION ENGINE COOLING SYSTEM ENGINE Trans-X 75K High Mileage Transmission Treatment Stops Slips and Fixes Leaks For Vehicles with 75,000 Miles or More Money Back Guarantee Fast Motor Flush 5 Minute Engine Cleaner Removes Power-Robbing Sludge, Gum, Rust and Varnish Deposits Money Back Guarantee Instant Cooling System Stop Leak One-Step Permanent Repair Just Pour and Go Double Money Back Guarantee Air & Gas Leak Detector Instantly Identifies Leaks in Pressurized Systems CRC Industries, Inc. 800 Enterprise Road, Suite 101 Horsham, PA 19044 Customer Service: 800-272-8963 Technical Assistance: 800-521- 3168 2016 CRC Industries, Inc. Scientifically developed for vehicles with 75,000 miles or more. Repairs leaks and extends transmission life. Stops and prevents leaks and restores smooth shifting. Permanently fixes radiators, head gaskets, engine blocks, heater cores, and freeze plugs. Won't clog cooling systems. Compatible with all types of antifreeze and coolant. COOLING SYSTEM RevitaCool Coolant Boost Superior Heat Transfer and Corrosion Protection Money Back Guarantee TEA surfactant technology prevents overheating, eliminates hot spots and reduces operating temperatures by up to 20F for improved engine performance. Exceeds ASTM D2570 and ASTM D1384 corrosion tests. Prevents scale and electrolysis. COOLING SYSTEM 7 Minute Rapid Flush Cooling System Cleaner Revitalizes Cooling Efficiency 7 Minute Treatment Money Back Guarantee Removes harmful rust, scum and oil, hard water scale. Contains no acids or chemicals harmful to radiators or cooling systems. Water-based formula, contains no oils, silicones or harmful solvents. Produces highly visible bubbles at the leak site. Won't dissipate like soap and water, non-flammable and odor free. Allows oil to flow freely to all parts of the engine. Freeing sticking valves, lifters and piston rings. For use in gas and diesel engines. Use before every oil change. 401214x6 15 FL. OZ. 402916x6 16 FL. OZ. 401118 18 WT. OZ. 401320x6 15 FL. OZ. 401322x6 15 FL. OZ. A0916PBR-15M 402718x6 30 FL. OZ.

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