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Is a Stop Leak product the right choice? As your vehicle ages, so do its parts. You may find yourself in a situation where you have a leak in an older vehicle but don't want to spend the money to repair or replace the damaged part. However, Stop Leak products are not always the best solution for every repair. It depends upon the vehicle and the circumstances. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider using a Stop Leak additive: 1. The repair exceeds the value of the vehicle. 2. The repair is too time-consuming. 3. The vehicle is very old and replacement parts are not easily available. 4. The leak is inaccessible or internal (ie. inside the engine). 5. You need an emergency repair so that you can drive the vehicle to a repair shop. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Trans-X Automatic Transmission Stop Leak & Tune Up Stops Slips, Fixes Leaks and Protects Against Future Wear Double Money Back Guarantee Effectively repairs leaks in automatic transmissions Prevents premature failure, future leaks and extends transmission life Powerful cleaning agents remove sludge, gums and varnish freeing valves for proper shifting Use to condition ATF and power steering fluids POWER STEERING Steer-X Power Steering Stop Leak Repairs Dried, Hardened and Shrunken Seals Money Back Guarantee Quickly stops leaks in all domestic, imported and heavy-duty power steering systems Conditions internal components to protect against future leaks Renews worn rack and pinions ENGINE Super Turbo Engine Oil Stop Leak Creates a Leak-Free System in 500 Miles or Less Stops Leaks, Restores and Reconditions Seals and Gaskets Money Back Guarantee Stops engine oil leaks by rejuvenating worn or aged engine seals, valve cover gaskets, timing gear gaskets and other seals found in today's high-tech engines Compatible with all motor oils Easy to use 402715x6 15 FL. OZ. 403015x6 15 FL. OZ. 402015x6 15 FL. OZ. 402033x6 32 FL. OZ.

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