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Identify your vehicle's leak K&W offers a complete line of Stop Leak products for aging vehicles that will get you back on the road fast. K&W leak solutions are affordable and effective alternatives to costly repairs and parts replacements. We know that sometimes you just need to keep an older car running, and the cost of the repair can exceed the value of the vehicle itself. When used properly and in the right circumstances, K&W Stop Leak products can save you both time and money! Use the diagram below to help identify your type of leak. Not just for passenger cars! K&W Stop Leak products may be used in gasoline and diesel engines, including cars, trucks, buses, heavy trucks, construction and farm equipment. Common Symptoms Leaks Smoke Noises Oily red or pink fluid under vehicle with an automatic transmission AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Oily, pink, red or clear fluid leaking toward the front, behind the front wheels and forward POWER STEERING Oily black/brown puddle under engine ENGINE Bright colored fluid on the ground, slippery to the touch; compare to coolant in recovery tank Puff of blue smoke on start-up or excess smoke on deceleration ENGINE Green water dripping from exhaust with white "smoke" or steam when warm Whining sound and vibration when steering the vehicle POWER STEERING Ticking or knocking sounds coming from the engine ENGINE Banging, hard shifting, slipping AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Bubbles in the recovery tank, venting from the cap HEAD GASKET & BLOCK Smells Smell a "sweet" or "funky" odor inside or outside your car Oily smelling smoke from under hood after vehicle is shut off ENGINE Greasy film on inside of windshield, worse with defrost turned on Excess oil usage between oil changes resulting in low oil level ENGINE Temp. warning light on or temp. gauge is at high level Colored liquid dripping on passenger floor from under dash Milky or milkshake-like substance on your oil fill cap or on the dipstick HEAD GASKET & BLOCK HEAD GASKET & BLOCK

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