Safety Paint Program Page 1 Safety Paint Program

SAFETY PAINT PROGRAM Useful to mark safety hazards or objects which need to be located in low-light or dark areas. They reflect brightly back to the source of light such as a flashlight or headlights. SAFETY REFLECTIVE PAINT Provides a textured coating to almost any slick surface. Ideal for floors, stairs, ladders, ramps, tool handles, railings, running boards and almost any surface exposed to moisture. Eliminates dangerous, slick surfaces in just one coat. SAFETY ANTI-SLIP PAINT CUSTOMER CARE: 800-272-4620 TECHNICAL INFORMATION: 800-521-3168 WWW.CRCINDUSTRIES.COM Top Coats Base Coat #18015 #18016 #18017 #18018 #18024 #18025 #18026 #18027 IO437-SS