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RISK REDUCTION PARTNERSHIP PLAN TM & SAFETY SHORTS TRAINING PROGRAM 4 CRC Industries offers safety meetings on a variety of topics relating to MRO Chemical Safety. CRC conducts safety meetings for groups of any size. The meetings are 20-30 minutes in length and upon completion the attendees will receive a certificate of training. A sign in sheet records who has received the training which is required by many companies to satisfy their training objectives. SAFETY SHORTS TRAINING PROGRAM SAFETY MEETINGS OFFERED BY CRC General Aerosol & Chemical Safety Flammable Aerosols Aerosols & Electricity Aerosol Disposal Fire Safety with Chemicals Fire Basics Identification of Flammable Chemicals Fire Prevention Emergency Response Chemical Handling, Storage & Labeling Chemical Handling Chemical Storage Chemical Labeling Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Hazard Assessment Selection Wear & Care Safety Data Sheets Regulatory Basis How to Read an SDS Ventilation Assess the Hazards Types of Ventilation Regulatory Hazardous Waste Waste Classification Handling, Storage, Disposal Call 1-800-307-8970 to schedule a meeting! SAFETY SHORT TOPICS

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