Programs Products Solution Guide Page 8 Think Safe, Work Safe, Be Safe

THINK SAFE, WORK SAFE, BE SAFE 8 SAFETY AT WORK PROTECTION FROM INSECTS FIRE BLOCK FOAM Foam insulation for sealing air penetrations effectively slowing down the spread of fire and smoke. SMOKE TEST Convenient, easy and safe product to test the functional ability of a smoke detector. AEROSOL LEAK DETECTOR Formulated for the quick and easy site detection of gas leaks and air leaks by forming highly visible bubbles when applied. WELD CHECK A 3-part system used to detect cracks and imperfections on welded surfaces and structures. Consists of: Weld Check Weld Cleaner and Penetrant Remover, Weld Check Penetrant and Weld Check Developer. SAFETY PREVENTION & DETECTION FIRE ANT KILLER Fast-acting, highly effective insecticide packaged in aerosol and long-lasting granules. WASP & HORNET KILLER PLUS A dense, accurate spray that will reach up to 20' to drench harmful insects and their nests. BEE BLAST Insecticide with residual that instantly soaks harmful insects and their nests with a high output 20' blast. INSECT REPELLENT High strength formula to repel all types of biting insects to protect outdoor workers. Contains 25% DEET. FR CLOTHING INSECT REPELLENT Treats flame resistant clothing to provide a protective barrier against insects. Non-flammable, non-DEET, formula is safe for clothing. Do not apply to skin.

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