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7 THINK SAFE, WORK SAFE, BE SAFE There are over 3 million reported nonfatal workplace injuries a year. Many of these injuries could have been prevented by making the right choices in your facility. CRC can help by providing a product line to protect workers from potential harm or damage: HOW CAN CRC KEEP YOUR WORKERS SAFE? SAFETY REFLECTIVE PAINT These reflective and durable paints are formulated using glass microsphere technology. The water based polyurethane resin, extremely fade resistant pigments and reflective glass spheres ensure years of bright reflection. These products are useful to mark safety hazards or objects which need to be located in low-light or dark areas: fire hydrants, industrial equipment, safety equipment, guard rails, electrical switch boxes, gas meters, boat piers and docking buoys. They reflect brightly back to the source of light using a flashlight or headlights. SAFETY PAINTS SAFETY ANTI-SLIP PAINT Safety Anti-Slip Paint provides a textured coating to almost any slick surface. Ideal for floors, stairs, ladders, ramps, tool handles, railings, running boards and almost any surface exposed to moisture. Quality epoxy resin formula stands up in tough industrial applications. The number one most frequently cited OSHA standards violation is fall protection. CRC has a variety of Safety Paints formulated to mark hazards & objects, improve grip on slick surfaces and enhance traction. Insects such as mosquitos, ticks and wasps can cause workplace injury or disease. Lyme Disease causes over 300,000 estimated human illnesses annually in the U.S. CRC Insect Repellents and Insecticides keep insects away and stops them in their tracks. In the United States, a fire injury is reported every 33 minutes and takes the lives of over 3,000 people each year. CRC has a product line to slow fire and help detect possible leaks & test smoke detectors. CRC is proud of our worker safety line of products and urges you to Think Safe, Work Safe, Be Safe! of over ssible United States Department of Labor ( & Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( National Fire Protection Association (

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