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STOPLIGHT FOOD SAFETY PROGRAM 6 Through a combination of forms, posters, safety stickers and shelf labels, CRC StopLight implementation tools are intended to clearly identify the correct product for the application and where in the facility they can be used. HOW DOES STOPLIGHT WORK? First step is to pinpoint potential hazards within a facility's processes and to recommend control measures using the Hazard Identification & Control Measures Form. Next determine which areas, products and applications are designated Red, Yellow and Green by utilizing the Food Guide. Finally the StopLight Authorization Form is completed and signed by members of the HACCP team and posted in the Tool Crib and Supply Room. The NSF/USDA Classification Flyer should be posted in a highly visible location as a quick reference guide to identify the various non-food compound categories. STOPLIGHT FORMS AND FLYERS YOUR BEST SOLUTION FOOD GUIDE Once you have identified which areas are Red, Yellow and Green, transfer the color codes to the Authorized Use Area Poster to be hung in the store room. This poster provides an area under each color to identify the departments that correspond to that product color. Each of the three StopLight Posters is designed to assist you in clearly identifying which products should be used in specific areas and are to be posted outside of the appropriate application areas. All three posters are translated into the seven languages most commonly found in manufacturing/processing facilities. STOPLIGHT POSTERS Determine which CRC products are either Red, Yellow or Green in your specific situation, and place the colored StopLight Safety Stickers on the can's product label as a quick reference to insure the proper product is being used in the appropriate areas. The StopLight Shelf Labels adhere to the lip of the storage cabinet shelves and have an area to write in the User Part # and the CRC Part # for usage and reordering identification. STOPLIGHT SAFETY STICKERS AND SHELF LABELS StopLight GREEN ate s Stop StopLight YELLOW pLight pLight EEN ght OW StopLight RED Visit our dedicated Food Safety and FSMA website today to learn more!

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