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5 STOPLIGHT FOOD SAFETY PROGRAM Developed in response to a growing need within the industry to minimize the risk of food contamination from maintenance chemicals across all food processing areas, the StopLight Program helps to insure proper product usage, minimum risk and cost, and maximum regulatory compliance. This proactive program assists with the proper application and management of maintenance chemicals within a food processing/manufacturing facility by coding products and application areas as Red, Yellow or Green. Each facility makes their own determination regarding the coding process to meet their specific requirements. Typically Red has the most restrictions, Yellow requires caution and Green means more flexibility. WHAT IS STOPLIGHT ? CRC Industries has over 75 food grade maintenance chemicals within the NSF H1 category designation. These items are approved for use where incidental food contact might occur. Understanding the importance for continuous improvement in food safety, CRC has a label design for all CRC H1 Food Grade Lubricants to ensure proper usage of these products in the workplace. In addition, CRC H1 Food Grade aerosol lubricants utilize the revolutionary Perma-Lock cap - a one-piece, 2-way integrated actuator that will not detach! SOLUTIONS FOR SAFETY Silver Band Quick visual identification of CRC H1 products from across the plant floor with unique silver banding. StopLight Graphic Green StopLight image immediately identifies product as H1 certified. Perma-Lock Actuator Permanent, 2-Way integrated actuator offers 2 spray patterns. Perma-Lock cap will not detach. Product Name Clear & descriptive product name in English & Spanish, provides immediate recognition of use. S.D.[L.] Current Safety Data Sheet printed on the reverse side of aerosol product label Dual Hazcom Label Labels are GHS (Global Harmonized System) & CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) compliant. NSF Logo & Number NSF Category Code and registration # prominently displayed to aid during the inspection process. QR Code Instant access to mobile- ready product detail page. 1 2 3 S C 5 4 D 6 7 Q 8 3 1 2 4 5 6 7 8

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