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CRC INTERACTIVE VIEW THIS CATALOG ON THE WEB. SCAN THIS CODE WITH YOUR MOBILE DEVICE NEED A QR CODE READER? VISIT YOUR APP STORE TODAY! EZ CROSS APP The CRC EZ Cross App is a competitive cross reference app that allows the user to scan the UPC code or enter the part number of a competitive MRO chemical product, resulting in the corresponding CRC product match. CRC EZ Cross provides detailed product specifications, as well as links to SDS, PDS and more! EZ ECATALOG The CRC EZ eCatalog App is a comprehensive cataloging tool that allows the user to search through the Smart eCat version of the CRC Industrial MRO Catalog. Flip through the virtual catalog and browse by product category or search directly by part number to instantly view product information & Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Features include: Product News - Find out what's new from CRC Videos - Learn more about CRC solutions and see CRC products in action Resource Links - Find sales contacts, literature, where to buy and much more Contacts - Reach out to CRC via email, visit our web site or follow us on social media Available in the Apple App Store, for iPad only. Features include: UPC scan or manual entry of competitive part number Manufacturer name & product name search capability Detailed search on CRC product specifications & documentation Product documentation in PDF format (multi-lingual) In-App email/print function for PDF documentation In-App email capability for sending product photos and/or product detail on suggested items Links to CRC Industrial web site for additional information on CRC products & programs Available in the Apple App Store & on Google Play

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