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Proven. Global. Solutions. www.crcindustries. com 800-272-8963 CRC Industries is a worldwide leader in the production of specialty chemicals for the DIY and maintenance professional, serving the automotive, marine, hardware, electrical, industrial, and aviation markets. CRC is ISO 9001:2008 certified and adheres to the strictest guidelines for quality in all facets of research, development, and production. CRC , Sta-Lube and products denoted with and are trademarks of CRC Industries, Inc. #A0311PSS-5M 2011 CRC Industries, Inc. CARBON CLEAN-OUT - INTERNAL ENGINE AND CRANKCASE CLEANER Motor Treatment Tratamiento para motor CARBON CLEAN-OUT CRC MOTOR TREATMENT cleans and lubricates internal fuel and oil systems for a smoother running engine, increased MPG, restored power and reduced emissions. Carbon, a byproduct of combustion, is typically expelled through the exhaust system but some can collect on built-up gum and varnish residue in your engine. Carbon deposits can harden on intake valves, piston heads, cylinder walls and injectors leading to decreased MPG, hesitation, detonation (knock), pre-ignition, stalling, loss of power and excess emissions. Carbon deposits in your engine are a serious problem. ADD TO FUEL CRC MOTOR TREATMENT cleans fuel injectors, carburetor jets, intake valves & pistons as you drive. Lubricates upper cylinders, cures hesitation and pings, restores power and pick-up, removes moisture and stabilizes fuel. Use for engine storage. Works in gasoline, diesel and ethanol fuels. For a more aggressive cleaning, CRC MOTOR TREATMENT can be added directly into the combustion chamber through a vacuum line. SYN-GO Technology leaves behind a synthetic lubricant for added protection against the drying effect of ethanol in fuels and lubricates the upper cylinders. ADD TO OIL Over time, prolonged idle, stop and go driving, dirt, moisture and extreme operating temperatures can cause sludge build-up in motor oil resulting in power and performance loss. CRC MOTOR TREATMENT liquefies built-up gum and varnish and releases carbon deposits cleaning sticky valve lifters, piston rings and PCV systems slowly, while you drive, to prevent chunks of sludge from clogging oil flow. Removes moisture from oil. Use on: cars trucks boats all 2-cycle, motorcycles dirt bikes RVs 4-cycle and lawn equipment agricultural equipment ATVs rotary engines Part No. Package Type Net Contents Units/Case Unit Dimensions Case Dimensions 05316 Can 16 fl. oz. 12 7.75 " H X 2.63 " W X 2.63 " W 8.6 " H X 11.3 " W X 8.4 " W