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PHASEGUARD4 STOR & GO ETHANOL FUEL TREATMENT FOR SMALL ENGINES Small engine formula provides the maximum protection available to prevent harmful phase separation of fuel that can lead to equipment failure. Protects against corrosion, cleans fuel system components, stabilizes fuel and restores power. 1 floz packet treats up to 2.5 gallons in-use or for storage. Stabilizes fuel for 24+ months. 05068 50 - 1 fl. oz. packets 4/cs in a display box FUEL STABILIZER GASOLINE & DIESEL FORMULAS Concentrated, high-potency formula keeps fuel fresh during storage and provides optimum performance year round. Gasoline: 1 oz treats 5 gallons 06161 8 fl. oz. 12/cs 06162 16 fl. oz. 12/cs 06163 32 fl. oz. 12/cs 06164 1 gallon 4/cs Diesel: 1 oz treats 10 gallons 06171 8 fl. oz. 12/cs 06172 16 fl. oz. 12/cs YEAR-ROUND FUEL TREATMENT & STABILIZER FOR GASOLINE & DIESEL For all engines. Stabilizes fuel up to 8 months. Improves MPG and performance. Treats up to 100 gallons of gasoline or 72 gallons of diesel. Cleans combustion chamber deposits and port fuel injectors. MK4908 8 fl. oz. 12/cs JUMP START STARTING FLUID WITH LUBRICITY t Improves cold or humid starts on gasoline or diesel engines. Effective to -65F. 05671 11 oz. 12/cs 9 MOISTURE CONTROL BAG Absorbs dampness that leads to rust and musty odors. Soaks up moisture from the air like a sponge. Does not drip. Great for lockers, head, galley, bilge, cabin and rope storage. Also great for RV, home and apartment use. Reusable. MK7112 12 oz. 12/cs MOISTURE ABSORBER Dries air in cabins, lockers, bathrooms, closets, basements and other enclosed areas. Super dry concentrated pellet formula absorbs up to 50% more moisture than flake formulas. Package includes protective web lid. MK6912 12 oz. 12/cs 4-in-1 Formula The ULTIMATE Protection & Performance Maximum Corrosion Protection Stabilize Fuel in Storage & in Use Cleans Entire Fuel System Restores Power & MPG Ethanol-blended fuel can lead to excess water in the fuel system; water in the fuel system can lead to severe corrosion, engine damage and unanticipated shut-down. Ethanol is naturally attracted to water and prone to separating from the gas and blending with any water molecules in the fuel system. This harmful phase separation" of the fuel can lead to severe corrosion, decreased fuel economy and engine performance, rough starts and hesitation. In addition, the cleaning properties of ethanol can loosen varnish and corrosion deposits which then travel through the fuel system. STOR & GO helps prevent phase separation with the 4-in-1 formula that protects all gas-powered 2- and 4-cycle engines against corrosion, cleans the entire fuel system, stabilizes fuel for long-term storage and restores power and mileage potential. Laboratory testing proves STOR & GO provides better water removal capability (per modified ASTM D 1401) and better corrosion protection (per ASTM D 665) than other leading ethanol fuel treatments. 1 oz treats 10 gallons for everyday protection. 1 oz treats 5 gallons for storage. Stabilizes fuel for 24+ months. 06141 8 fl. oz. 12/cs 06142 16 fl. oz. 12/cs 06143 32 fl. oz. 6/cs Stor & Go Ethanol Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer Stor & Go fuel stabilizers winterization ENGINE STOR FOGGING OIL Protects marine engines during seasonal storage. Clings to internal engine components to keep pistons, rings and cylinder walls corro- sion-free. Use injection can p/n 06072 to fog motors equipped with a maintenance valve. 06068 13 oz. 12/cs 06069 1 gallon 4/cs 06070 5 gallon 1 pail 06072 t 13 oz. (injection can) 12/cs ENVIRONMENTALLY PREFERRED PRODUCT t This product is Extremely Flammable. Do not apply while equipment is energized. 800-272-8963

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