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CLEANS & PROTECTS ANYTHING EXPOSED TO SALT Saltwater, salt air and road salt can lead to rust, corrosion, vehicle damage and costly repairs. SALT TERMINATOR dissolves destructive salt debris that can't be removed by water alone and leaves a protective coating, guarding against future corrosion. Regular maintenance with SALT TERMINATOR can help extend the life of vehicles, trailers, tools, gear and equipment. Lab-tests show SALT TERMINATOR excels at removing heavy salt deposits without leaving behind a spotty residue like other similar products. Spray on SALT TERMINATOR to clean and protect virtually any surface. Or, use the mixer unit with any of the concentrate formulas. It automatically dilutes the concentrate and siphons it through a standard garden hose. No scrubbing or rinsing required. Biodegradable. SX10 12 fl. oz. 12/cs SX22 22 fl. oz. 12/cs SX32 32 fl. oz. 7/cs SX32M 32 fl. oz. w/ mixer 6/cs SX128 1 gallon 6/cs SX55 55 gallon 1 SXMXR mixer only 12/cs Salt Terminator Engine Flush, Cleaner & Corrosion Inhibitor HEAVY DUTY CORROSION INHIBITOR t Seals out salt air and moisture to prevent corrosion. Will not crack or craze. Flexible amber coating provides long-term protection for metal components, electrical connections, engine components, fasteners, steering and throttle linkages. Contains no silicone compo- nents that can harm oxygen sensors. 06026 10 oz. 12/cs corrosion protection specialty products 8 INSTANT GALVANIZE ZINC RICH GALVANIZE COATING t High performance coating of 93% pure zinc. Protects against saltwater corrosion and rust creepage. Excellent for touch-ups. Matte gray color. Offers same protection as expensive hot dip galvanizing. 06054 13 oz. 12/cs RUST STAIN REMOVER Fast-acting formula attacks rust stains without harming gel coat. Use on fiberglass, metal, vinyl and other marine surfaces. Penetrates unsightly rust drip stains on fiber- glass. Restores rusted tools and metal hardware. Clings to stain for maximum effectiveness. Easy to apply: brush on, rinse off. MK5316 16 fl. oz. 12/cs ENGINE STOR FOGGING OIL Protects marine engines during seasonal storage. Clings to internal engine components to keep pistons, rings and cylinder walls corrosion- free. Use injection can p/n 06072 to fog motors equipped with a maintenance valve. 06068 13 oz. 12/cs 06069 1 gallon 4/cs 06070 5 gallon 1 pail 06072 t 13 oz. (injection can) 12/cs RUST CONVERTER Fast-drying milky-white vinyl/ acrylic coating stops rust in its tracks. Neutralizes rust and converts it to a tough primer in one easy step. Apply to any rusted metal surface. Non-flammable and contains no known carcinogens, unlike other competitive products. 14610 15 oz. 12/cs 18418 32 fl. oz. 12/cs 18419 1 gallon 4/cs MINUTE MEND EPOXY PUTTY Use for patching or repairing wood, metal, fiberglass and plastic. Bonds to wet or dry surfaces, even under water. Ready to use in less than one minute. Can be tapped, sawed, drilled, stained or painted. 14070 4 oz. 24/cs 14071 2 oz. 40/cs MAGIC OIL LOCK LUBRICANT & DE-ICER Long lasting graphite formula lubricates seized and frozen locks allowing for smooth operation. Spray lightly in the keyhole of the lock. 05130 0.4 oz. 96/cs ENVIRONMENTALLY PREFERRED PRODUCT t This product is Extremely Flammable. Do not apply while equipment is energized. 800-272-8963

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