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6 interiors appearance products insect control GLASS & DASH CLEANER Cuts through dirt, dust, fingerprints and haze deposits. Provides streak-free glass cleaning even on delicate glass surfaces. 05401 18 oz. 12/cs HYDROFORCE ALL PURPOSE DEGREASER Breaks-up and lifts off grease, oil and dirt deposits. Cleans up to three times the surface area of competitive degreasers. 14406 18 oz. aerosol 12/cs 14407 32 fl. oz. trigger 12/cs 14408 1 gallon 4/cs 14409 5 gallon 1 14410 55 gallon 1 FABRIC WATERPROOFER Premium grade heavy duty water repellent solution. Restores water repellency of cotton and synthetic fabrics. Contains no color or dyes. Use on boat covers, bimini tops, convertible tops, awnings, tents, clothing, footwear and more. Safe on Sunbrella ***, Sharkskin **** and other marine grade fabrics. MK6332 32 fl. oz. 12/cs MK63128 1 gallon 4/cs GLASS PLEX MULTI- PURPOSE GLASS CLEANER Non-streaking formula. Contains no ammonia or alcohol. Use on glass, Plexiglas *, plastics, acrylics, isinglass, fiberglass, computer screens, counters, appliances, stainless steel and chrome. MK3918 32 fl. oz. 12/cs HYDROFORCE STAINLESS STEEL CLEANER & POLISH Exclusive ultra shine formula. Eliminates dirt, dust, fingerprints and watermarks. Leaves behind a non-greasy protective barrier to resist return of stains and water spots. 14424 18 oz. 12/cs VISICLEAR DISPLAY CLEANER & ELECTRONIC SCREEN CLEANER Streak-free foam cleaner clings, won't drip and is alcohol and ammonia free. Will not damage screen protective coatings. Use on plasma/LCD displays, touch- screens, computers, cell phones and PDAs, GPS screens and CRT monitors. Leaves no residue and dries fast. 05131 6.9 oz. 12/cs DUSTER MOISTURE-FREE DUST & LINT REMOVER Quickly and safely blasts away dirt, dust, lint and other contaminants from any surface. Ideal for sensitive electronics. Penetrates hard-to- reach cracks and crevices that normal hand-dusting cannot reach. 05185 8 oz. 12/cs WASP & HORNET KILLER PLUS INSECTICIDE Fast acting, high strength insecticide kills wasps, hornets, bees and other stinging insects on contact. Ergonomic trigger provides control. Kills on contact from 20 feet away. Plastic safe formula. 14010 14 oz. 12/cs INSECT REPELLENT Repels mosquitos, gnats, fleas, chiggers, ticks and biting flies. Helps guard against contracting Lyme Disease when sprayed on exposed skin and clothing. 14011 6 oz. 12/cs BEE BLAST WITH RESIDUAL WASP & HORNET KILLER Instantly saturates insects and their nests with a 22-foot jet blast. Knocks down and kills on contact. Now with residual action that kills wasps and hornets returning to the nest. 14009 14 oz. 12/cs ENVIRONMENTALLY PREFERRED PRODUCT ***Sunbrella is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc. ****Sharkskin is a registered trademark of Westland Industries Inc. 800-272-8963 BRILLIANT METAL POLISH An extremely versatile metal polish that cleans and polishes more than 11 different types of metal. The formula contains no harsh abrasives and is even gentle enough to use on fiberglass. MK88 14 fl. oz. 6/cs

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