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ULTRA VINYL CLEANER Removes deeply embedded dirt, grease, oil, suntan lotion, food and beverage stains and more. Easy to use. Concentrated foam cleaner works fast. Excellent for all interior and exterior vinyl. MK2718 18 oz. 12/cs TANNERY LEATHER, VINYL & MORE... ALL-IN-ONE CLEANER & CONDITIONER Cleans, conditions, protects and preserves leather, vinyl, rubber, plastic, trim and fiberglass. Helps guard against harmful sunlight and extreme temperature. 40138 8 fl. oz. 12/cs 40173 10 oz. 12/cs MARINE CLEANER WAX High-tech cream wax with three polishing agents to clean, remove oxidation and polish fiberglass. Restores surface to a glass-like finish. Contains dual band, full spectrum UV inhibitors to protect against dulling and fading. Buffs to a high gloss shine. Apply by hand or electric buffer. MK8216 15.9 oz. 12/cs MAXI WAX ONE STEP CLEANER WAX Cleans, protects and shines fiberglass and metals. High gloss formula. Provides long lasting protection against weather, salt, fading, chalking and oxidation. Contains ultraviolet inhibitors to combat the harmful effects of the sun. MK2000 16 fl. oz. 12/cs MK2001 32 fl. oz. 12/cs MK20012 1 gallon 4/cs 5 waxes vinyl cleaners leather care HIGHLIGHT SPRAY WAX Highly concentrated blend of rich waxes. Instantly gives a high-gloss hand-rubbed look. Protects against sun, salt and weathering. Waxes and polishes fiberglass, stainless steel, chrome and brass. MK2618 18 oz. 12/cs liquid hard paste cream aerosol Light to Medium Heavy or Severe Light to Medium Yes One-Step Application No Carnauba Yes One-Step Application No Instant Shine Maxi Wax One Step Cleaner Wax MK2000+ Trewax Four Seasons Boat Wax MK66 Marine Cleaner Wax MK8216 Highlight Spray Wax MK2618 Product Selection Guide Type Degree of Oxidation/ Surface Scratches Contains UV Inhibitors Cleans Primary Advantages TANNERY VINTAGE LEATHER CLEANER & CONDITIONER Cream leather cleaner and conditioner with aloe vera and glycerin to help hydrate leather, making it supple and smooth. Prevents drying and cracking due to sunlight and extreme weather. 40144 10 oz. 12/cs CLEAR VINYL CLEANER & POLISH Cleans, polishes and protects all transparent clear vinyl in one easy step. Great for isinglass, clear vinyl enclosures, plastic windshields, hatches and instruments made of Plexiglas *, acrylic, Lexan ** and polycarbonates. Spray-on, buff-off. MK6414 14 oz. 12/cs TREWAX FOUR SEASONS BOAT WAX Contains Carnauba, the world's hardest natural wax. Leaves a long- lasting, brilliant finish. Designed specifically for marine finishes. Use on fiberglass, painted surfaces, aluminum, chrome, stainless steel. MK66 12 oz. 12/cs ENVIRONMENTALLY PREFERRED PRODUCT *Plexiglas is a registered trademark of Arkema France. **Lexan is a registered trademark of SABIC Innovative Plastics. 800-272-8963

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