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tools & equipment 14 FLUID OIL PUMP Constructed of durable PVC plastic. For all fluid reservoirs including dif- ferentials, transmissions and gear cases. Dispenses 1 floz of product with each depression. Designed to fit all Sta-Lube quart, half-gallon and gallon containers. SL4344 6/cs SURE SHOT REUSABLE SPRAYER All-metal, one quart, reus- able air-pressurized sprayer. For use with most bulk lubricants, solvents and corrosion inhibitors. Tested to 200psi. 14016 1 unit SURE SHOT is a registered trade- mark of Milwaukee Sprayer Mfg. Co. COMMERCIAL PUMP SPRAYER A poly tank sprayer designed for professional use. Easy to use. Holds one gallon. High density poly- ethylene. Equipped with a 36"reinforced multi-layer PVC braided hose and adjustable nozzle. MK1991 1 unit MK1991A Complete pump assembly MK1991C Shutoff assembly EMPTY TRIGGER BOTTLE New 24 oz design improves stability while Level III fluorination provides maximum durability. Features blank lines and charts for product and safety information. 14021 24 oz. capacity 12/cs SALT TERMINATOR MIXER UNIT For use with SALT TERMINATOR concentrate. SXMXR 12/cs LONG HANDLE DIPPING BASKET 13" handle and sturdy basket for hands-free cleaning of a variety of metal parts. For use with Tyme 1 5 gallon pail or other bulk cleaning agents. 14061 1 unit 800-272-8963 5 SHELF RETAIL FLOOR DISPLAY WITH MARINE HEADER Easy to assemble, customizable floor display maximizes floor space, attracts attention and increases product sales. You choose the products you want to feature! Unit dimensions: 60"H x 16"W x 14"D 05700 1 display 1/cs HEAVY DUTY LEVER GREASE GUN 3-way easy loading for standard 14 oz cartridges. Provides 10,000 lbs of pressure. Short stroke feature for confined areas. Sure-grip knurled barrel. Heavy duty thick wall steel construction. SL37019 1 unit GREASE GUN FLEXIBLE HOSE 12" For use with Sta-Lube Grease Gun #SL37019. SL46022 10/cs MOTOR TREATMENT DISPLAY This easy-to-assemble display will maximize your floor space, attract attention and increase product sales. Sturdy, corrugated construction promotes durability and our product-neutral header allows you to restock with any CRC product. Pre-packed floor display ships complete with 4 cases (48 cans) of CRC Motor Treatment 05316. 05800 Display 4 cases of 05316 #05700 MAR0810-DISP RTV CARTRIDGE GUN For use with CRC RTV Silicone Cartridges. A high quality, parallel frame, hex rod caulk gun with an easy-to-dispense 10:1 thrust ratio. 14054 12/cs

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