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1-TANK POWER RENEW CRC 1-TANK POWER RENEW for Gasoline delivers a powerful SHOCK to dirty fuel systems resulting in unparalleled one-tank cleanup with proven test results. Attacks and removes carbon deposits from all areas of the fuel system after just one dose. Treats up to 25 gallons. 05815 15 fl. oz. 6/cs 1 TANK CRC 1-TAN Gasoline d to dirty fue unparallele proven tes removes c areas of th one dose. T 05815 13 LIQUID ROLLERS TRAILER BUNK BOARDS LUBRICANT t Makes the loading and unloading of boats easy. Dramatically reduces friction to make bunk boards as slick as rollers. Long lasting, nongreasy, non-staining formula. Repels road dirt and grime. MK6810 10 oz. 12/cs ALUMINEX CLEAN & SHINE ALUMINUM CLEANER & BRIGHTENER Dual-action formula specially designed to instantly clean and brighten aluminum hulls. With Safe Acid Technology. Best results on surfaces with light to medium oxidation. Safe on anodized and painted aluminum. MK3332 32 fl. oz. 12/cs RUST CONVERTER Fast-drying milky-white vinyl/ acrylic coating stops rust in its tracks. Neutralizes rust and converts it to a tough primer in one easy step. Apply to any rusted metal surface. Non-flammable and contains no known carcinogens, unlike other competitive products. 14610 15 oz. 12/cs 18418 32 fl. oz. 12/cs 18419 1 gallon 4/cs MARINE ELECTRONICS GREASE Seals, protects and insulates electrical contacts from moisture. Lubricates and seals rubber and plastic parts. Waterproofs components and contacts to protect against arcing. Improves electrical performance during adverse conditions such as rain, fog and salt spray. 06106 3.3 oz. 12/cs INSTANT GALVANIZE ZINC RICH GALVANIZE COATING t High performance coating of 93% pure zinc. Protects against saltwater corrosion and rust creep- age. Excellent for touch-ups. Matte gray color. Offers same protection as expensive hot dip galvanizing. 06054 13 oz. 12/cs MARINE GREASE BOAT TRAILER AND 4X4 GREASE Excellent water resistance. NLGI-2 aluminum complex base for 4WD and boat trailer wheel bearings. Drop point: 500F. SL3120 14 oz. cartridge 10/cs SL3121 14 oz. can 14/cs SL3125 35 lb. pail 1 SL3127 120 lb. keg 1 SL3184 3 oz./3 per card 6/cs BRAKLEEN NON-FLAMMABLE BRAKE PARTS CLEANER The original BRAKLEEN - our strongest formula! Chlorinated formula quickly removes brake dust, brake fluid, grease and other contaminants from all types of brake systems including ABS. Cleans fast and dries faster! 05089 19 oz. 12/cs 05089T 19 oz. 12/cs 05090 1 gallon 4/cs 05091 5 gallon 1 05093 55 gallon 1 BRAKLEEN NON-CHLORINATED BRAKE PARTS CLEANERS t Non-Chlorinated, Low VOC 05084 14 oz. 12/cs 05086 5 gallon 1 Non-Chlorinated 05088 14 oz. 12/cs 05085 1 gallon 4/cs 05087 55 gallon 1 05186 5 gallon 1 Non-Chlorinated, >10% VOC 05050 14 oz. 12/cs SCAQMD (Rule #1171) Compliant 05151 14 oz. 12/cs BRAKLEEN NON-CHLORINATED BRAKE PARTS CLEANER t 50-State Formula with Power Jet Technology The strongest 50-state formula available. Power Jet technology provides a more powerful spray which blasts away brake dust, brake fluid, grease and oil while using less product and taking less time to clean. 05050 14 oz. 12/cs 05051 1 gallon 4/cs 05052 5 gallon 1 05053 55 gallon 1 05054 14 oz. 12/cs ENGINE DEGREASER Quickly dissolves and lifts off oil, grease and road grime from engines for cooler, more efficient running. Easy to use: spray on and rinse off. Leaves no residue. 05025 15 oz. 12/cs 05025CA 15 oz. 12/cs trailer & tow vehicle maintenance Brakleen ENVIRONMENTALLY PREFERRED PRODUCT t This product is Extremely Flammable. Do not apply while equipment is energized. 800-272-8963 _

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