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electronics & battery maintenance hand cleaners 11 BATTERY TERMINAL PROTECTOR t Prolongs battery life. Lead-free protective coating prevents battery terminal corrosion, a leading cause of hard starting and battery failure. Improves electrical contact. Use to protect hold-downs, bolts, brackets and terminals. 06046 7.5 oz. 12/cs QD ELECTRONIC CLEANER t Cleans sensitive electronic components and contacts. Use on electronic engine controls, data sensors and wiring, GPS, fishfinders, computers, VCRs, stereos, CD and DVD players. Helps prevent contact failure or malfunction. Evaporates quickly, leaves no residue. 06102 11 oz. 12/cs BATTERY CLEANER WITH ACID INDICATOR Yellow foam turns pink to instantly identify acid leaks. Removes corrosion from cables, terminals, cases, and hold-downs. Neutralizes acid spills. Assures maximum battery current flow and promotes longer life. 06023 11 oz. 12/cs MARINE ELECTRONICS GREASE Seals, protects and insulates electrical contacts from moisture. Lubricates and seals rubber and plastic parts. Waterproofs components and contacts to protect against arcing. Improves electrical performance during adverse conditions such as rain, fog and salt spray. 06106 3.3 oz. 12/cs WIRE DRYER Starts wet engines and instantly drives out moisture that can cause electrical failure and hard starting. Weatherproofs all electrical system parts. Waterproof film leaves a fine protective coating on ignition and electrical systems. Reduces wear and ensures proper electrical current flow. 05104 6 oz. 12/cs TECHNICIAN GRADE DI-ELECTRIC GREASE Seals, protects and insulates electrical contacts and bulbs. Prevents corrosion by repelling moisture, dirt and oils that can penetrate and harm electrical connections. Precision Tip Applicator applies a thin stream of grease directly on the work area. Improves electrical performance by reducing arcing and voltage drop. 05109 .5 oz. 12/cs CLEANER & DEGREASER Cleans and degreases marine engines and non-sensitive electrical parts and equipment in place. Breaks through tough grease on motors, gears, chains and other metal parts. Leaves no residue. Non-flammable. 06019 19 oz. 12/cs VISICLEAR DISPLAY CLEANER & ELECTRONIC SCREEN CLEANER Streak-free foam cleaner clings, won't drip, and is alcohol and ammonia free. Will not damage screen protective coatings. Use on plasma/LCD displays, touch- screens, computers, cell phones and PDAs, GPS screens and CRT monitors. Leaves no residue and dries fast. 05131 6.9 oz. 12/cs DUSTER MOISTURE-FREE DUST & LINT REMOVER Quickly and safely blasts away dirt, dust, lint and other contaminants from any surface. Ideal for sensitive electronics. Penetrates hard-to- reach cracks and crevices that normal hand-dusting cannot reach. 05185 8 oz. 12/cs 800-272-8963 MECHANIX ORANGE CITRUS HAND CLEANER WITH PUMICE Formulated with the natural power of citrus. Fine grade pumice quickly cleans away the toughest soils. pH balanced to be gentle on hands. Leaves hands fresh. SL1712 16 fl. oz. 12/cs SL1719 1 gal. w/pump 4/cs LANOLIN CREAM HAND CLEANER Hand soap. Removes grease, carbon, paints, tar, gasket cement and more. Fortified with lanolin, aloe vera, vitamin E, jojoba and wheat germ extract. SL1211 14 oz. 12/cs PUMICE HAND CLEANER WITH LEMON SCENT Contains buffing grade pumice for deep scrubbing action plus lanolin to protect your skin. SL1621 14 oz. 12/cs ENVIRONMENTALLY PREFERRED PRODUCT t This product is Extremely Flammable. Do not apply while equipment is energized.

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