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1-TANK POWER RENEW CRC 1-TANK POWER RENEW for Gasoline delivers a powerful SHOCK to dirty fuel systems resulting in unparalleled one-tank cleanup with proven test results. Attacks and removes carbon deposits from all areas of the fuel system after just one dose. Treats up to 25 gallons. 05815 15 fl. oz. 6/cs 1-TANK CRC 1-TAN for Gasolin SHOCK to resulting in cleanup w Attacks an deposits fr system aft Treats up t 05815 FOR GAS TANKS WATER REMOVER (Isopropanol Formula) Removes water from gasoline and protects fuel to -50F. Inhibits rust in fuel tank and prevents fuel line freezing. Assures quicker starting and faster pick-up. Recommended use: 3-4 times a year. 05343 12 fl. oz. 12/cs gasoline additives diesel additives 10 FUEL THERAPY DIESEL INJECTOR CLEANER Plus Cleans injectors, disperses water, conditions and stabililzes fuel and lubricates fuel system for increased engine life. Increases power and fuel econ- omy and reduces emissions. ULSD Approved. OK for Biodiesel fuels. 05212 12 fl. oz. 12/cs 05232 30 fl. oz. 12/cs 05228 1 gallon 4/cs 05225 5 gallon 1 05255 55 gallon 1 FUEL THERAPY DIESEL INJECTOR CLEANER WITH ANTI-GEL Prevents diesel fuel from gelling in cold temperatures. Lowers pour point by as much as 35F. Cleans injectors and helps restore spray pattern for more efficient combus- tion. ULSD Approved. OK for Biodiesel fuels. 05412 12 fl. oz. 12/cs 05432 30 fl. oz. 12/cs 05428 1 gallon 4/cs 05425 5 gallon 1 05455 55 gallon 1 BIO-CON SLUDGE SEDIMENT REMOVER Removes sludge sediment caused by bacteria from diesel fuel and furnace oils and improves fuel stability in storage. 05557 12 fl. oz. 12/cs 05558 5 gallon 1 DIESEL DRY DIESEL WATER REMOVER Eliminates water and protects engine against damage caused by water build-up. Minimizes smoke and improves fuel economy. 05670 12 fl. oz. 12/cs COMPLETE FUEL SYSTEM & COMBUSTION CHAMBER CLEANER with Guaranteed To Pass Technology Complete cleaning of fuel system components including combustion chamber. Restores power, performance and MPG. Recommended use every 5,000 miles. G2P technology lowers exhaust emissions and cleans up emission control components. 05076 12 fl. oz. 12/cs OCTANE BOOST Increases octane rating of gas- oline for maximum horsepower and torque. Protects rings, pistons and combustion chamber from low octane. Reduces or eliminates engine knock and ping. Improves starting. One bottle treats up to 20 gallons of fuel. Contains no lead or alcohol. 06067 12 fl. oz. 12/cs 800-272-8963 MOTOR TREATMENT Cleans gum, varnish and carbon from the fuel system, injectors, pistons, and combustion chamber. Removes moisture from fuel and oil systems and lubricates engine components. For use in gasoline, diesel, ethanol and oil. Pour into fuel system, induce directly into combustion chamber via main manifold vacuum line and add to crankcase. 05316 16 fl. oz. 12/cs TOP ENGINE CLEANER t Cleans intake system, valves and combustion chamber for improved engine performance. Increases MPG, restores power and reduces emissions. Solves many rough-idle problems. Spray into throttle body. To prevent future carbon build-up and improve engine efficiency, use every 5,000 miles. 05312 12 oz. 12/cs t This product is Extremely Flammable. Do not apply while equipment is energized. 1-TANK POWER RENEW A concentrated one-tank cleanup that delivers a powerful shock to dirty fuel systems. Formulated with the maximum available chemistry, it's the most powerful diesel fuel system cleaner on the market. Excellent cleanup for the sticky injectors frequently found in modern common rail systems. 05816 15 fl. oz. 6/cs 05832 32 fl. oz. 12/cs GUARANTEED TO PASS EMISSIONS TEST FORMULA Removes harmful gums and varnish from carburetor and emission control components. Reduces CO, HC and NOx emissions to guarantee a passing emissions test. Super-cleans fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chamber to increase MPG, promote easier starts, faster acceleration and better airflow. Works with all gasoline and ethanol-blended fuels. 05063 12 fl. oz. 12/cs

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