Marine Pro Strength Degreaser Page 1 Marine Pro-Strength Degreaser

M0913PSS-2M 2013 CRC Industries, Inc. Marine Pro-Strength Degreaser SPRAY ON WIPE OFF 800-272-8963 Part No. Package Type Net Contents Units/Case Unit Dimensions Case Dimensions 06482 Can 12 oz. 12 7.75 " H X 2.63 " W X 2.63 " D 8.1 " H X 8.3 " W X 11.1 " D CRC Marine Pro-Strength Degreaser quickly and safely removes grease, grime, oil, rubber marks and other contaminants from all types of hard surfaces. CRC Marine Pro-Strength Degreaser is a foaming water- based degreaser developed without free alkali, ammonia or caustics resulting in a mild pH, so it's safe on painted surfaces, plastics, vinyl and rubber. Although CRC Marine Pro-Strength Degreaser has a mild pH, you'll be impressed with its aggressive breakdown of grease, grime, oil, rubber marks and other oil- based contaminants. CRC Marine Pro-Strength Degreaser cleans instantly, dries fast and leaves no residue. Spray it on outboards, inboards, sterndrives and dock & mooring equipment. Quickly Breaks Down and Removes Grease, Oil, Tar, Rubber Streaks and Grime Safe on Gelcoat and Vinyl Leaves No Residue Spray On-Wipe Off - No Rinsing Necessary Aqueous Biodegradable Formula Desengrasante profesional Use on: Boats & Marine Equipment Interiors & Exteriors Automotive Parts & Exteriors Painted Surfaces Motorsports Vehicles Chrome Maintenance Equipment Stainless Steel Heavy Machinery Metallic Parts Home & Garage PVC, Plastics, Vinyl