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Part No. Package Type Net Contents Units/Case Unit Dimensions Case Dimensions SL3120 Cartridge 14 oz. 10 9.31" H x 2.13" W x 2.13" D 9.5 " H X 4.5"W X 11.38"D SL3121 Can 14 oz. 12 3.44" H x 4.13" W x 4.13" D 3.5 " H X 12.5"W X 17"D SL3184 3 - 3 0z. Cartridges 3 oz. 6 1.5" H x 6.25" W x 8.5" D 9 " H X 5.25"W X 9"D SL3125 Pail 35 lb. 1 14.5" H x 12" W x 12" D 14.5 " H X 12"W X 12"D SL3127 Keg 120 lb. 1 26.88" H x 14.65" W x 14.65" D 26.88 H X 14.65"W X 14.65"D Grease NLGI Operating Water Type Grade Color Temp Range Resistance Additives Aluminum 2 Blue 0F to 450F Excellent Anti-Rust, Complex Polymer Adhesives M0911PSS-1M 2011 CRC Industries, Inc. GRASA PARA REMOLQUES DE EMBARCACIONES Y 4X4 STA-LUBE MARINE GREASE is a blue tacky aluminum complex grease using a highly refined base oil. It has been formulated with a polymer to provide adhesive, non-blend and water wash-out characteristics. Ideal for marine applications - STA-LUBE Marine Grease has superior water resistance even under the most severe conditions. KEY BENEFITS APPLICATIONS deck equipment, marine equipment, shaft log seals, sleeve bearings, slides, pins, swivel hinges, steering cables, steering dockside machinery, steering quadrants, turnbuckles, wheel bearings, winches, anchor chain reels PACKAGING 3-3 oz Cartridges (Carded), 35 lb Pail, 120 lb Keg BOAT TRAILER & 4X4 WHEEL BEARING GREASE Marine Grease