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Lectra Lube Electric Motor Grease Lectra Lube has an excellent additive package enabling it to be used in severe applications as well as having extreme pressure properties. It has the ability to be used at elevated temperatures while maintaining its structure. Customer Service: 800-272-4620 Technical Assistance: 800-521-3168 www.crcindustries.com/ei Your Best Solution CRC Industries is a worldwide leader in the production of specialty chemicals for maintenance and repair professionals serving industrial, electrical, aviation, automotive and marine markets. CRC is ISO 9001:2008 certified and adheres to the strictest guidelines for quality in all facets of research, development and production. CRC , K&W , Sta-Lube , Marykate and products denoted with and are trademarks of CRC Industries, Inc. 2015 CRC Industries, Inc. Typical Characteristics Method Color Blue Visual Texture Smooth, homogeneous Visual Thickener Type Polyurea - Drop Point, F 500 Min. ASTM D 2265 Viscosity @ 40 C, cST 145 ASTM D 445 Weld Load, kg 500 Min. ASTM D 2596 Timken OK Load, lbs 50 ASTM D 2509 Rust Test Pass ASTM D 1743 Water Washout, 175 F, % wt. 5.0% Max. ASTM D 1264 Water Spray off, % wt. 20.0% Max. ASTM D 4049 CRC Part # Container Size Base Type NLGI Rating SL3586 14 oz cartridge Polyurea #2 Made in USA

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