Industrial Catalog Page 38 Electrical Maintenance

38 Cable Clean Degreaser Brominated No 125 None Fast 26,800 Strong K2 Yes 2064 (aerosol) 2066 (bulk) Cable Clean HFC/COzol No 97 None Fast 39,000 Faint Ethereal None Yes 2069 Cable Clean NT HFC/COzol No 45 None Fast 30,800 Faint Ethereal K2 Yes 2040 Cable Clean RD Chlorinated No 96 None Fast 41,100 Strong K2 Yes 2150 (aerosol) 2152 (bulk) Cable Clean HF Petroleum Distillate No 25 204F TCC Slow 45,700 Low None Yes 2170 Odor Dielectric Strength (Volts) Drying Time Flash Point Cleaning Strength (KB) Type of Cleaner Faxback SDS # Contains ODCs (Class I or Class II) ODC = Ozone Depleting Compounds; TCC = Tag Closed Cup; KB = Kauri Butanol Container Size NSF Registration S.D.[L.] Product or lectric Strengt lts) ts) ying Time sh Point aning Strength e of Cleaner xback SDS # ntains ODCs ass I or Class I ntainer Size F Registration D [L.] gth th (KB) II) n 38 ELECTRICAL CABLE CLEANERS 20 1 5 20 16 16 1 16

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