Fuel System Brochure Page 3 Complete Fuel System Service

Follow these steps to perform a complete fuel system service using quality, high-performance products from CRC. CRC GDI IVD Intake Valve Cleaner SKU # 05319 Clean intake valves like never before! Patent-pending technology from CRC reaches intake valves at 150X the concentration of premium fuel additives. PEA detergency in concentrations high enough to remove baked-on carbon deposits. No more top engine disassembly required to clean intake valves on GDI (gas direct injected) engines. PROVEN to remove up to 46% of deposits after the first use. http:// CRCIntakeValveCleaner.com CRC Throttle Body & Air Intake Cleaner SKU # 05078 Removes the dirt, carbon and debris from inside the throttle body on the throttle plate and butterfly valve that reduces air flow and causes parts to stick. Safe on coated throttle bodies. Follow up with a clean or new air filter and your FUEL SYSTEM SERVICE is complete. NEW For GDI & PFI Engines Real Tests Real Data Real Results STEP 2 With engine running, spray past MAF sensor into air intake until can is empty. STEP 4 Spray down the throttle body and wipe with cloth. SCAN CODE TO WATCH VIDEO

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