Fuel System Brochure Page 2 Complete Fuel System Service

Complete Fuel System Service Proven to restore lost engine performance and fuel economy STEP 1 Add to nearly empty gas tank and fill up with fuel. CRC 1-Tank Power Renew Complete Fuel System Cleanup SKU # 05815 Easy-to-use concentrated, PEA detergent- based cleaner. Just pour into gas tank and get lab-tested PROVEN results every time! Average 5.7% MPG Increase 97% Total Power Recovery 99% Injector Flow Recovery 100% Misfire Repair Highest concentration of PEA detergency on the market! http:// CRC1Tank.com CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner SKU # 05110 The Original Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner. Plastic safe - cleans sensitive MAF sensors without damaging the housing or hotwires. Dyno PROVEN to increase horsepower and improve air/fuel ratio. k.c com INTENSIVE Fuel System Cleanup Lasts 4,000 Miles! *Also available in Diesel formula #05816 (15 fl. oz.) & #05832 (32 fl. oz.) STEP 3 Spray 10-15 bursts on the MAF sensor. SCAN CODE TO WATCH VIDEO

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