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STOPLIGHT FOOD SAFETY PROGRAM Developed in response to a growing need within the industry to minimize the risk of food contamination from maintenance chemicals across all food processing areas, the StopLight Food Safety Program helps to insure proper product usage, minimize risk and cost, and establish and maintain FSMA requirements. StopLight involves the use of colored- coded stickers placed directly on CRC MRO products to determine where the product can be used, who may use them and where they should be stored. Non-food compounds and application areas are coded, Red, Yellow and Green. The stickers provide flexibility within the program, and each facility makes their own determination how to color code processing areas, applications and products. MINIMIZE THE RISK OF FOOD CONTAMINATION Authorized Use Description for RED PRODUCTS : Questions Call: Authorized By: Date: = Part # 19002 StopLight TM RED Authorized Use Description for YELLOW PRODUCTS : Questions Call: Authorized By: Date: = Part # 19001 StopLight TM YELLOW Authorized Use Description for GREEN PRODUCTS : Questions Call: Authorized By: Date: = Part # 19000 StopLight TM GREEN STICKERS POSTERS NATIONAL SANITATION FOUNDATION CRC offers a wide range of maintenance chemicals that are NSF Registered. The National Sanitation Foundation ( is an independent, accredited organization, which tests, audits and certifies products and systems for public health and safety. With over 300+ NSF approved products, CRC provides broad application solutions for the Food & Beverage industry. NSF H1 Registered food grade lubricants are certified for incidental contact with food during processing. They are made specifically with ingredients that pose no danger to humans and animals even if they were to get into the food product. NSF 3H Registered release agent lubricants are certified for direct use on surfaces that come into contact with food. From H1 to 3H, CRC has you covered! NSF is a registered trademark of NSF International NSF H1 REGISTERED VERSUS NSF 3H REGISTERED

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