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CRC, one of the world's leading manufacturers of chemical maintenance products for over 55 years, has made a commitment to provide the best solutions for our customers. CRC can help meet the challenges of today's highly regulated environment by offering a full line of specialty chemical products custom-matched to meet every application need. CRC always has the right solution for our customers' MRO challenges because we offer a broad range of products. We have over 800 SKUs in product categories including Precision Cleaners, Degreasers, Lubricants, Corrosion Inhibitors, and Sealants. Again and again, more professionals look to CRC for quality products and innovative solutions. CRC is the only company in the industry to offer the S.D.[L.] - a Safety Data Sheet printed on the reverse side of the product label. Of course, the information that starts with our label never stops. Just call our toll-free technical service line (800) 521-3168 or visit our website,, for more product information and training. The quality of our information is matched by the quality of our products. As an ISO-9001:2008 certified manufacturer, CRC places strict controls on every step of our product development and manufacturing process; starting with the finest raw materials and continuing with our consistent, quality manufacturing techniques. Becoming certified to ISO standards is not a requirement, but meeting ISO standards and continually gaining re-certification is an excellent example of our commitment to quality and consistency. CRC has grown by addressing the needs of our customers, and our commitment to innovation and quality service will allow us to continue to be the one you call when you want the best. This Product Guide offers a look at quality products and problem solving programs offered by CRC. cts ,

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