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FOOD GRADE BULK LUBRICANTS FOOD GRADE SYNTHETIC COMPRESSOR OIL High quality PAO base oils are used to provide long life in compressors. Typically 6,000 plus service hours in rotary screw compressors. ISO Grade Product # Container Size 32/46 04202 5 gallon 04203 55 gallon 68 04206 5 gallon 04207 55 gallon 100 04543 5 gallon 04544 55 gallon FOOD GRADE COMPRESSOR FLUSH For cleaning out system prior to changing oil A synthetic (PAO) flushing fluid designed to remove varnish and sludge from compressors. It may be used as an intermediary step when transitioning from non-food grade to NSF H1 oils. May be used as a lubricant for up to 500 hours. ISO Grade Product # Container Size 46 04584 5 gallon 04585 55 gallon FOOD GRADE REFRIGERATION COMPRESSOR OILS Custom blended polyalphaolefin synthetic hydrocarbon fluid with additional seal treating properties. Conditions o-rings in ammonia systems and compatible with mineral oils. Applications include ice making machines, cold storage facilities and low temperature ammonia refrigeration systems. ISO Grade Product # Container Size 32 04560 5 gallon 04561 55 gallon 68* 04564 5 gallon 04565 55 gallon *Contains Seal Conditioner DIRECT FOOD CONTACT WHITE OILS NSF 3H White Oils are purified mineral oils that are edible, colorless, odorless, and tasteless. These products are useful in coating and release applications. ISO Grade Product # Container Size Pan Divider Oil 15 04590 5 gallon 04591 55 gallon 22 04592 5 gallon 04593 55 gallon 46 04594 5 gallon 04595 55 gallon 100 04596 5 gallon 04597 55 gallon FOOD GRADE AIR TOOL OIL A full synthetic food grade oil formulated with high quality polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oil to meet the lubrication requirements of air line equipment. Formulated with high performance antioxidants and anti-wear additives to meet the challenges of industrial environments. ISO Grade Product # Container Size 32 SL2300 1 quart 04258 5 gallon Custom blend hydrocarbo propertie system Appl cold am C O NSF oils t and tas coating a oa FO S C H t T r F C For c F to ch t A synthe A remove va re It may be us t m transitioning fro ans May be used as a y b FOOD GRADE G O O S d FOOD GRADE A A full synthetic food grade high quality polyalphaole meet the lubrication line equipment. Fo performance an additives to m industrial e FOOD GRADE G O O COMPRE O C t bl d 6 Customer Care: (800) 272-4620 Technical Assistance: (800) 521-3168 More product information a click away at

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