Food Grade Catalog Page 22 Industrial Precision Cleaners

INDUSTRIAL PRECISION CLEANERS CE PRECISION CLEANER Azeotropic blend designed specifically for dissolving and flushing away carbon dust, polar soils, mineral oils and non-polar soils found in elevator rooms and vertical lifts. CE Precision Cleaner has a controlled evaporation rate, providing sufficient dwell time to dissolve and flush dirt from surfaces before evaporating without leaving a residue. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 14035 16 oz aerosol 12 CONTACT CLEANER 2000 VC Precision Cleaner Contact Cleaner 2000 VC is an aggressive advanced COzol technology alternative precision cleaner designed to remove contaminants from electronic equipment. It provides an effective alternative to HCFC 141b-based cleaners when sensitive plastics are not a concern. Contains no Class I or Class II Ozone Depleting Chemicals. It is VOC compliant in all 50 states ` . Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 02240 16 oz aerosol 12 ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL Precision Cleaner A quick drying light-duty precision cleaner for use in electronic and aviation applications. Its 99% pure formula aggressively dissolves grease, dust, dirt, lint, oils and flux. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 03201 16 oz aerosol 12 HF CONTACT CLEANER Petroleum distillate-based precision cleaner that offers the safety of a high flashpoint without leaving a residue. It may be used on most plastic materials. HF Contact Cleaner contains no Class I or Class II Ozone Depleting Chemicals. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 03125 16 oz aerosol 12 03126 5 gallon pail 1 CONTACT CLEANER & PROTECTANT High purity precision cleaner that helps make equipment perform like new. Penetrates surface pores, cleans away contaminants and leaves a fine microscopic corrosion resistant film. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 03140* 16 oz aerosol 12 DUSTER Aerosol Dust Removal System Safely removes dirt and dust from energized equipment without damaging sensitive components or surface finish. CRC Duster penetrates into cracks and crevices to remove contaminants that normal hand dusting cannot reach. It delivers a powerful blast of product to remove embedded debris. The extension tube can be used for more precise delivery. Energized equipment use only. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 14085 12 oz aerosol trigger 12 22 Customer Care: (800) 272-4620 Technical Assistance: (800) 521-3168 More product information a click away at - 360 spray valve can be sprayed in the UP or DOWN position. ` - As defined by Consumer Products VOC regulations. *This product is labeled extremely flammable. Read and observe the special usage warning on the label. Do not apply while equipment is energized.

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