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LUBRICANTS PENETRATING KNOCK'ER LOOSE Penetrating Solvent An industrial strength, low viscosity lubricant and penetrant designed to quickly loosen and free seized, bound or frozen fasteners. It quickly dissolves rust, scale, gum, grease and corrosion with a formula that creeps into cracks, seams, threads and joints better than the competition. Knock'er Loose eases the disassembly of machinery, tools and equipment for routine maintenance and emergency repairs. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 03016 6 oz aerosol 12 03020 16 oz aerosol 12 03021 1 gallon bottle 4 03022 5 gallon pail 1 03023 55 gallon drum 1 03024 16 oz non-aerosol can w/trigger 12 03025 8 oz spout can 24 KNOCK'ER LOOSE PLUS Penetrating Solvent A unique penetrant that immediately drops the temperature of the area in contact with the spray. The freeze shock action cracks rusted surfaces allowing Knock'er Loose Plus to reach deeper and work more effectively than other penetrants. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 03027 * 20 oz aerosol 12 SCREWLOOSE SUPER PENETRANT Screwloose quickly penetrates through rust and corrosion to rapidly free corroded bolts, screws, fasteners, pins and bound mechanisms. Eases disassembly of mechanical equipment, fittings and fixtures. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 03059 3 oz aerosol 12 03060 16 oz aerosol 12 03062 1 gallon bottle 4 CORROSION INHIBITOR SP-250 Corrosion Inhibitor Thin-film, water displacing, corrosion inhibitor that will not emulsify, even in the presence of alkali. Use for process parts drying and protection of all metals, protection for parts subjected to high humidity conditions, anti-corrosion coating for shrink wrapped parts, and moisture displacement for finished parts. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 03226 5 gallon pail 1 03228 55 gallon drum 1 SP-300 Corrosion Inhibitor Unique blend of solvents, oils and corrosion inhibitors that quickly displaces moisture, excess water-based coolants and grinding compounds. Short-to-medium term protection. Non-drying film protects indoors up to 9 months. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 03246 5 gallon pail 1 03248 55 gallon drum 1 SP-350 Corrosion Inhibitor Provides protection for metal parts and assemblies that are stored indoors or in shipment. SP-350 promotes easy start-up of stored equipment. Part Container Units Number Size Per Case 03262 16 oz aerosol 12 03266 5 gallon pail 1 03268 55 gallon drum 1 g 12 Customer Care: (800) 272-4620 Technical Assistance: (800) 521-3168 More product information a click away at - 360 spray valve can be sprayed in the UP or DOWN position. *This product is labeled extremely flammable. Read and observe the special usage warning on the label. Do not apply while equipment is energized.

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