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Industry Problem: A customer in the Food & Beverage Industry has had problems related to 3rd party audits on their management and control of small package MRO Chemicals. Supplier Solution: CRC StopLight Food Safety Program is a visual identification labeling program that ensures maintenance employees use and store MRO chemicals in the proper locations. The StopLight Program involves using color-coded stickers placed on CRC MRO chemicals to determine where the products can be used, who may use these products and where they should be stored. The stickers provide flexibility within the program and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of any customer in the Food & Beverage Industry. This program will also have value to customers that are secondary suppliers; i.e. packaging partners or indirect suppliers to the Food & Beverage Industry. StopLight has proven helpful in improving audit scores and supplier reviews and adds a program that meets the needs of GFSI schemes used in North America (i.e. SQF, BRC & FSSC 22000). CRC Regional Managers provide local consulting on how the program works for individual sites. Food & Beverage Industry CRC Industries manufactures a wide range of maintenance chemicals that are NSF-Registered; these products are third-party approved for use in food plants. CRC has over 275 formulas registered with NSF International thus providing the broadest application solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry and its key suppliers. CRC provides copies of NSF Registration letters that assist the local food processor in meeting GFSI documentation requirements for non-food compounds used in food processing plants. CRC makes available additional documentation that will enable local food customers to meet and exceed compliance standards. CRC Food Catalog StopLight Food Safety Program goals include reducing and controlling the number of products in use, assisting with Industry and State Regulatory compliance, recommending that Food Grade H1 lubricants are used in all processing area applications and providing on-site no- charge training sessions for your maintenance department. CRC Industries will also provide documentation that all CRC maintenance chemicals are NSF-Registered and approved for use in a food processing establishment. Through 1998, the USDA approved non-food compounds for use in food processing sites. This was the standard for non-food compounds for nearly 100 years. Since 1999, NSF International has registered non-food compounds for use in food processing sites around the world. All of these goals will assist a food processing site in reducing the risks involved in the management of maintenance chemicals and increase the safety of the food products they make. Employee training - StopLight Food Safety training is available to the maintenance employees (as well as all employees if needed at the local customer site) and helps their understanding of how the program works. The training educates the maintenance team on how they can be a better partner in further reducing the risk of contamination. Additional training session topics are available to customers at no charge from CRC. CRC Safety Shorts Training Topics CRC Regional Manager Map Training Topic cs CRC StopLight & Perma-Lock Food Safety Video