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Customer Service: 800-272-4620 Technical Assistance: 800-521-3168 Your Best Solution Flame resistant, all-purpose foam sealant Fills & seals service penetrations Blocks air infiltration reducing flame spread into walls and ceilings Orange color quickly identifies Fire Block for visual inspections Excellent performance in ASTM E-814 and UL-1715 tests Self-extinguishing formula UL94 Flammability Test - pass best rating V-0 Flame Resistant Sealant Fire Block Foam is an approved fireblock for service penetrations. The product effectively slows the spread of fire and smoke. This advanced formula is tinted orange for easy identification by building code officials and inspectors. Meets Key Building Code Requirements. Reusable foam saver nozzle keeps product usable for up to 1 month. CRC Industries is a worldwide leader in the production of specialty chemicals for maintenance and repair professionals serving industrial, electrical, aviation, automotive and marine markets. CRC is ISO 9001:2008 certified and adheres to the strictest guidelines for quality in all facets of research, development and production. CRC , K&W , Sta-Lube , Marykate and products denoted with and are trademarks of CRC Industries, Inc. 2014 CRC Industries, Inc. I0388-PDF h. Fire Block Foam Block Foam e Fire B e B e B Fire Block Foam e B e B e *Fire Block Foam is not a firestop OVER TURN O TU OVER TURN O U ER RN R R VER RN OVER T PRODUCT P MORE P FOR MO MORE PRODUC FO UC O ORE PRODUCT FOR MO ORE PRODU O RE PROD F R R RE PR R P R RE PR FOR M ODUCT DU OR ORE PRO PRODUC O CT N MATION NFORM IO FO O ON N MATI INFORM O O O RM MA I A RM FO N N ATIO RM ON OR O TURN OVER FOR MORE PRODUCT INFORMATION Made in USA CRC Part # Container Size Net Weight UPC Code 14084 16 oz aerosol 12 oz 0 78254 14084 1

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