Diesel Catalog Page 9 Electrical Maintenance

LECTRA-MOTIVE ELECTRIC PARTS CLEANER Aggressive cleaner specifically for energized electrical equipment. Non-flammable formula dissolves grease, oil, dirt and wax that may cause electrical failure. Evaporates quickly leaving no residue behind. Do not use to clean plastic or sensitive electronic components, use 05103 QD Electronic Cleaner instead. 05018 19 oz. 12/cs 05019 1 gallon 4/cs 05024 55 gallon 1 WIRE DRYER Starts wet engines and instantly drives out moisture that can cause electrical failure and hard starting. Weatherproofs all electrical system parts. Waterproof film leaves a fine protective coating on ignition and electrical systems. Reduces wear and ensures proper electrical current flow. 05104 6 oz. 12/cs TECHNICIAN GRADE DI-ELECTRIC GREASE/ BULB & CONNECTOR GREASE Seals, protects and insulates. Maintains optimum electrical connections in extreme conditions. Patented delivery system is great for hard-to-reach places. 05105 3.3 oz. can 12/cs 05107 .28 oz. card 12/cs 05109 .5 oz. tube 12/cs BATTERY CLEANER WITH ACID INDICATOR Yellow foaming cleaner instantly detects acid leaks and turns pink upon acid contact. Neutralizes acid and effectively cleans terminals, connectors, cases and hold downs. Penetrates and removes corrosion allowing for maximum current flow. 05023 11 oz. 12/cs 05623 5 oz. 12/cs QD ELECTRONIC CLEANER QUICK DRY CLEANER t Instantly penetrates hard-to-reach areas to safely dissolve dirt and debris from sensitive electronic components. Cleans contacts, connectors and sensitive electronic equipment. Helps prevent contact failure. Quick drying, plastic safe formula leaves no residue. 05103 11 oz. 12/cs 05101 4.5 oz. 12/cs DUSTER MOISTURE-FREE DUST & LINT REMOVER Quickly and safely blasts away dirt, dust, lint and other contaminants from any surface. Ideal for sensitive electronics. Penetrates hard-to- reach cracks and crevices that normal hand-dusting cannot reach. 05185 8 oz. 12/cs MASS AIR FLOW SENSOR CLEANER t The original MAF sensor cleaner. Safely cleans and protects MAF sensors. Dyno proven to increase horsepower and improve air/fuel ratio. Reduces rough idle, hesitation and pinging. Improves fuel mileage. Plastic safe, leaves no residue. 05110 11 oz. 12/cs 05610 4.5 oz. 12/cs VISICLEAR DISPLAY CLEANER & ELECTRONIC SCREEN CLEANER Streak-free foam cleaner clings, won't drip, and is alcohol and ammonia free. Will not damage screen protective coatings. Use on plasma/LCD displays, touch- screens, computers, cell phones and PDAs, GPS screens and CRT monitors. Leaves no residue and dries fast. 05131 6.9 oz. 12/cs t This product is very flammable. Do not apply while equipment is energized. electrical maintenance BATTERY TERMINAL PROTECTOR t Lead-free, long-lasting red film coating. Protects battery terminals, cables and bulkhead connectors from corrosion, a leading cause of hard starting and battery failure. 05046 7.5 oz. 12/cs 05646 3 oz. 12/cs SINGLE USE BATTERY MAINTENANCE TWIN PACK t CRC Battery Cleaner instantly detects leaks and neutralizes acid. Removes corrosion by-products. Just spray on and rinse off. CRC Battery Terminal Protector is specially designed to protect battery terminals from corrosion, a leading cause of hard starting and battery failure. 05647 1 - 5 oz. 6/cs 1 - 3 oz. crcindustries.com 800-272-8963 facebook.com/crcauto twitter.com/crcauto youtube.com/crcauto instagram.com/crcauto plus.google.com 9

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