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NEW GENERATION DISC & DRUM BRAKE WHEEL BEARING GREASE Meets late-model high-tech specifications. NLGI-2 GC-LB lithium complex base. Wide temperature range of -40F to 325F. Use on late- model wheel bearings, chassis and suspension points. SL3110 14 oz. cartridge 10/cs SL3111 14 oz. can 12/cs MOLY-GRAPH EXTREME PRESSURE GREASE Molybdenum and graphite establish a fine micron plating on all surfaces. Lithium base NLGI-2 grease with drop point of 350F. Great for use on ball joints, chassis points, bushings and roller bearings. SL3330 14 oz. cartridge 10/cs SL3141 14 oz. can 12/cs SL3144 3 oz./3 per card 6/cs SL3145 35 lb. pail 1 SL3146 7 lb. tub 4/cs SUPER WHITE MULTI-PURPOSE GREASE Contains anti-wear and anti-friction additives. Lithium base NLGI-1.5 grease with drop point of 350F. Perfect for light duty applications where appearance matters. SL3150 14 oz. cartridge 10/cs SL3151 14 oz. can 12/cs SL3360 10 oz. tube 6/cs SL3361 1.75 oz. tube 24/cs SL3155 35 lb. pail 1 RED GREASE #2 Smooth, tacky, red lithium complex grease fortified with rust and oxidation inhibitors. Good water resistance, won't wash out. Great for sliding surfaces and open gears and for lubricating moving parts in mowers, reapers, water pumps, electric motors, ball and roller bearings, kilns, assembly plants, and truck applications. SL3400 14 oz. cartridge 10/cs GENERAL PURPOSE LITHIUM GREASE Lithium base NLGI-2 grease designed for light duty applications. Use on motor bearings, pump bearings and light duty applications. Drop point: 350F. SL3310 14 oz. cartridge 10/cs SL3311 14 oz. can 12/cs SL3315 35 lb. pail 1 SL3317 120 lb. keg 1 crcindustries.com 800-272-8963 facebook.com/crcauto twitter.com/crcauto youtube.com/crcauto instagram.com/crcauto plus.google.com 12 STA-PLEX EXTREME PRESSURE PREMIUM RED GREASE A superior multi-purpose certified lithium complex based NLGI-2 GC-LB grease. Contains extreme pressure, anti-wear, and anti-oxidation additives. Ideal for high temperature and performance applications. Drop point: 500F. SL3190 14 oz. cartridge 10/cs SL3191 14 oz. can 12/cs SL3195 35 lb. pail 1 SL3197 120 lb. keg 1 MARINE GREASE BOAT TRAILER AND 4X4 GREASE Excellent water resistance. NLGI-2 aluminum complex base for 4WD and boat trailer wheel bearings. Drop point: 500F. SL3120 14 oz. cartridge 10/cs SL3121 14 oz. can 12/cs SL3125 35 lb. pail 1 SL3127 120 lb. keg 1 SL3184 3 oz./3 per card 6/cs HI-TEMP DISC BRAKE WHEEL BEARING GREASE For high temperature, high speed bearings. NLGI-2 aluminum complex base. For use on disc brake systems, chassis points and suspension systems. Drop point: 500F. SL3160 14 oz. cartridge 10/cs SL3161 14 oz. can 12/cs SL3165 35 lb. pail 1 SL3166 7 lb. pail 4/cs HEAVY-DUTY DRUM BRAKE WHEEL BEARING GREASE For drum brakes and slow speed bearings. NLGI-2.5 sodium base. Ideal for use where heavy loads and slow speeds are prevalent. Drop point: 360F. SL3131 14 oz. can 12/cs SL3135 35 lb. pail 1 SL3136 7 lb. tub 1 grease EXTREME PRESSURE ENGINE ASSEMBLY LUBE AND ANTI-SEIZE Prevents friction, galling and wear on all types of engine components during assembly, start-up and break-in periods. SL3331 10 oz. tube 6/cs SL3333 2.75 oz. tube 12/cs SILARAMIC BRAKE SYSTEM GREASE Protects all moving caliper hardware, mating surfaces and backing plates with the latest rust, oxidation and anti-wear additives to provide lasting protection against friction, wear and corrosion. Ideal for high performance or racing applications. 05361 5 oz. 12/cs 05363 9 oz. tub 12/cs SYNTHETIC BRAKE & CALIPER GREASE Synthetic grease prevents caliper binding, vibration and corrosion. Contains molybdenum, PTFE and graphite for an extreme temperature range of -40F to 400F. Use on every brake job! 05351 2.5 oz. tube 6/cs 05352 1/3 oz. carded packets 12/cs 05353 12 oz. tub 12/cs 05359 8 fl. oz. bottle 6/cs SL3301 2.5 oz. tube 6/cs SL3302 1/3 oz. carded packets 12/cs SL3303 12 oz. tub 12/cs

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