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Chain Lube CRC Chain Lube is an advanced, high-performance, synthetic lubricant providing excellent protection for chains, open gears and exposed metal surfaces subject to severe loading. y Safe on O-rings, X-rings and Z-rings y Works excellent in wet conditions y Won't fling off or wash out y Dries fast; won't attract dirt y Extends chain life y Low odor y Clean appearance CRC Industries is a worldwide leader in the production of specialty chemicals for maintenance and repair professionals and do-it-yourselfers, serving the automotive, heavy trucking, marine, hardware, industrial and aviation markets. CRC is ISO 9001:2008 certified and adheres to the strictest guidelines for quality in all facets of research, development and production. CRC , K&W , Sta-Lube , Marykate and products denoted with and are trademarks of CRC Industries, Inc. A1014PSS-3M 2014 CRC Industries, Inc. Use as a lubricant and corrosion inhibitor on all types of drive chains, open gears, hoists, winches, pulleys, fork lifts, rollers, garage doors, bushings, seals, O-rings, X-rings, Z-rings and wire ropes. Part No. Package Type Net Wt. Units/Case 05012 t Aerosol Can 10 oz. 12 Unit Dimensions Case Dimensions 7.75"H x 2.63"W x 2.63"D 8.1"H x 8.3"W x 11.1"D Advanced anti-wear additives provide excellent protection for metal surfaces subject to severe loading Waterproof formula bonds to chain and wear surfaces Prevents corrosion, reduces load stress and extends chain life by reducing friction and wear that cause metal fatigue Extends Chain Life t This product is extremely flammable. Do not apply while equipment is energized. Not for use in CA Sprays on like a liquid to penetrate deep; sets up like a grease for outstanding load-bearing protection TM