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Highlight Spray Wax Highly concentrated blend of rich waxes. Instantly gives a high-gloss hand-rubbed look. Protects against sun, salt and weathering. Waxes and polishes fiberglass, stainless steel, chrome and brass. MK2618 18 oz. 12/cs TREWAX Four Seasons Boat Wax Contains Carnauba, the world's hardest natural wax. Leaves a long- lasting, brilliant finish. Designed specifically for marine finishes. Use on fiberglass, painted surfaces, aluminum, chrome, and stainless steel. MK66 12 oz. 12/cs Moisture Control Bag Absorbs dampness that leads to rust and musty odors. Soaks up moisture from the air like a sponge. Does not drip. Great for lockers, head, galley, bilge, cabin and rope storage. Also great for RV, home and apartment use. Reusable. MK7112 12 oz. 12/cs Moisture Absorber Dries air in cabins, lockers, bathrooms, closets, basements and other enclosed areas. Super dry concentrated pellet formula absorbs up to 50% more moisture than flake formulas. Package includes protective web lid. MK6912 12 oz. 12/cs Marine Products STOR & GO Ethanol Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer Protects all gas-powered 2 & 4-cycle engines from harmful effects of ethanol. Helps prevent phase separation, protects against corrosion, cleans the fuel system, stabilizes fuel and restores power. Stabilizes fuel for 24+ months. 06141 8 fl. oz. 12/cs 06142 16 fl. oz. 12/cs 06143 32 fl. oz. 6/cs Wasp & Hornet Killer Plus Insecticide Fast acting, high strength insecticide kills wasps, hornets, bees and other stinging insects on contact. Ergonomic trigger provides control. Kills on contact from 20 feet away. Plastic safe formula. 14010 14 oz. 12/cs Insect Repellent Double strength formula repels insects up to twice as long as common consumer products. Helps guard against contracting Lyme Disease when sprayed on exposed skin and clothing. 14011 6 oz. 12/cs Bee Blast with Residual Wasp & Hornet Killer Instantly saturates insects and their nests with a 22-foot jet blast. Knocks down and kills on contact. Now with residual action that kills wasps and hornets returning to the nest. 14009 14 oz. 12/cs Outdoor Protection 800-272-8963 2 22

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