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NA = Not Applicable ND = Not Determined Product Grease Type NLGI Grade Color Operating Temperature Constant (Application Dependent) Water Resistance 4 Ball Weld (Kg) Timken OK Load Additives Sta-Lube New Generation Wheel Bearing Grease for Disc and Drum Brakes Lithium Complex 2 Amber -40F to 325F Very Good 250 50 lbs. Extreme Pressure, Anti-Wear, Anti-Rust, Tackifier Sta-Lube Marine Grease for Boat Trailer Wheel Bearings Aluminum Complex 2 Blue 0F to 325F Excellent NA ND Anti-Rust, Polymer Adhesives Sta-Lube Heavy Duty Drum Brake Wheel Bearing Grease Sodium 2.5 Dark Amber 10F to 250F Poor NA ND Anti-Oxidant Sta-Lube Moly-Graph Extreme Pressure Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease Lithium 2 Dark Gray -25F to 250F Very Good 250 45 lbs. Extreme Pressure, Molybdenum Disulfide, Anti-Wear, Anti-Rust, Anti-Oxidant Sta-Lube Super White Multi-Purpose Grease Lithium 2 White 0F to 300F Good NA 25 lbs. Whitening Agents, Anti-Rust, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Wear Sta-Lube Hi-Temp Disc Brake Wheel Bearing Grease Aluminum Complex 2 Dark Gray 0F to 325F Excellent 315 60 lbs. Rust and Oxidation Inhibitors, Anti-Wear, Extreme Pressure, Molybdenum Disulfide, Graphite Sta-Lube Sta-Plex Premium Red Grease Lithium Complex 2 Red -20F to 325F Excellent 500 60 lbs. Extreme Pressure, Anti-Wear, Anti-Rust, Anti-Oxidant, Tackifier Sta-Lube Red Grease #2 Lithium Complex 2 Red -10F to 325F Very Good 250 60 lbs. Extreme Pressure, Anti-Rust, Anti-Oxidant Sta-Lube Lithium General Purpose Grease Lithium 2 Amber 0F to 250F Very Good NA ND NA Sta-Lube Constant Velocity Joint Grease Lithium 1 Dark Gray 10F to 275F Good ND 50 lbs. Extreme Pressure, Anti-Wear, Rust and Oxidation Inhibitors Sta-Lube Engine Assembly Lube and Anti-Seize Lithium 0.5 Dark Gray 0F to 250F Good NA ND Extreme Pressure Molybdenum Disulfide, Anti-Wear, Anti-Rust, Anti-Oxidant, Tackifier Sta-Lube Synthetic Brake & Caliper Grease Silica 1.5 Black -40F to 400F Very Good 315 50 lbs. Extreme Pressure, PTFE CRC Silaramic Brake System Grease Silicone 2 Silver -50F to 550F Excellent NA NA Ceramics, Extreme Pressure, Corrosion & Oxidation Inhibitors Operating Temperature 4 Ball Grease Hand Cleaners Mechanix Orange Citrus Hand Cleaner with Pumice Formulated with the natural power of citrus. Fine grade pumice quickly cleans away the toughest soils. pH balanced to be gentle on hands. Leaves hands fresh. SL1712 16 fl. oz. 12/cs SL1719 1 gal. w/pump 4/cs Lanolin Cream Hand Cleaner Hand soap. Removes grease, carbon, paints, tar, gasket cement and more. Fortified with lanolin, aloe vera, vitamin E, jojoba and wheat germ extract. SL1211 14 oz. can 12/cs Pumice Hand Cleaner with Lemon Scent Contains buffing grade pumice for deep scrubbing action plus lanolin to protect your skin. SL1621 14 oz. can 12/cs 15

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