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Get the best results To ensure that you get the best results, it is very important to read all label instructions thoroughly before using any products in your vehicle. K&W products are proven to perform, and we guarantee results with our Money Back Guarantees. HEAD GASKET & BLOCK FiberLock Head Gasket & Block Repair Easy Pour and Go Formula! Permanent Under 30 Minute Repair Double Money Back Guarantee Permanently fixes head gaskets, engine blocks, cooling systems and cylinder heads Contains 3 unique technologies - Military-Strength Fibers create multi-layer repair over crack with a web-like weave - Nanotechnology allows for smallest cracks and crevices to be fixed - Cool-X Conditioner lowers operating temperature as it circulates through cooling system Seals larger holes with less fluid loss than competitive products as proven by Independent lab test (ASTM D3147) Works with all antifreeze or plain water HEAD GASKET & BLOCK Permanent Head Gasket & Block Repair With NANOTECHNOLOGY Permanent Professional Repair Double Money Back Guarantee Nanotechnology provides the tightest molecular bond available; nanoparticles fill cracks and crevices in metals and plastics that other products can't Flexible fibers maintain repair during expansion and contraction of cooling system Does not rely on cooling system pressure to maintain a seal. Withstands extreme pressure and heat. Will not break away or wash out. Exceeds ASTM D6107. Immediate permanent repair that cures in 1/2 the time of other leading brands HEAD GASKET & BLOCK Block Seal Permanent Metallic Block & Radiator Seal Permanent Professional Repair Money Back Guarantee Permanent molecular seal that's as strong as steel Seals cracks & holes in cast iron and aluminum engine blocks, head gaskets, freeze plugs, and copper, aluminum and bi-material radiators & heater cores For use in all water-cooled diesel and gasoline vehicles Withstands extreme pressure and temperatures of a cooling system and will not wash away Professional grade formula exceeds ASTM D6107 for effectively sealing leaks in cooling systems NanoTech Military Fibers COOL-X NanoTech 401224-6 32 FL. OZ. 6/CS 401232 32 FL. OZ. 6/CS 401016 16 WT. OZ. 12/CS Trusted Formula Since 1938 Head Gasket & Block Repair 11

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