Automotive Catalog Page 10 Corrosion Inhibitors/Protectants & Winter Products

Zinc-It Instant Cold Galvanize Forms a tough, 93% pure zinc coating to fight rust and corrosion. Provides protection of hot dip galvanize with on-the-job convenience. Leaves a flat gray paintable finish on surfaces. 05048 13 oz. 12/cs s 18413 1 gallon 1 Bright Zinc-It High Shine Instant Cold Galvanize s A light duty corrosion inhibitor and sacrificial coating that protects ferrous metals from oxidizing. Creates a barrier film between the environment and the base metal to prevent formation or spread of corrosion. Use on threads, fasteners, conduit, welds, railings, grates, doors, trailers, guard rails, more. 18414 13 oz. 12/cs Rust Converter Fast-drying milky-white vinyl/acrylic coating stops rust in its tracks. Neutralizes rust and converts it to a tough primer in one easy step. Apply to any rusted metal surface. Non- flammable and contains no known carcinogens like other competitive products. 18418 32 fl. oz. 12/cs 18419 gallon 4/cs Rubberized Undercoating s Provides a bubble-free, flexible shield against moisture, salt and road debris. Deadens outside road noise and will not crack or peel. Low VOC formula. 05347 16 oz. 12/cs CLEANS & PROTECTS ANYTHING EXPOSED TO SALT Saltwater, salt air and road salt can lead to rust, corrosion, vehicle damage and costly repairs. Salt Terminator dissolves destructive salt debris that can't be removed by water alone and leaves a protective coating, guarding against future corrosion. Regular maintenance with Salt Terminator can help extend the life of vehicles, trailers, tools, gear and equipment. Lab-tests show Salt Terminator excels at removing heavy salt deposits without leaving behind a spotty residue like other similar products. Spray on Salt Terminator to clean and protect virtually any surface. Or, use the mixer unit with any of the concentrate formulas. It automatically dilutes the concentrate and siphons it through a standard garden hose. No scrubbing or rinsing required. Biodegradable. SX10 12 fl. oz. 12/cs SX22 22 fl. oz. 12/cs SX32 32 fl. oz. 7/cs SX32M 32 fl. oz. w/ mixer 6/cs SX128 1 gallon 6/cs SX55 55 gallon 1* SXMXR mixer only 12/cs Salt Terminator Engine Flush, Cleaner & Corrosion Inhibitor 800-272-8963 2 *Made to order, call for more information s This product is very flammable. Do not apply while equipment is energized. 8 Corrosion Inhibitors/Protectants & Winter Products Jump Start Starting Fluid with Lubricity s Improves cold or humid starts on gasoline or diesel engines. Effective to -65F. 05671 11 oz. 12/cs Ice-Off Spray De-Icer s Melts ice, snow and frost from windshields on contact. Thaws frozen locks and is effective to sub-zero temperatures. 05346 12 oz. 12/cs

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